Terms of Service

Welcome to the terms of use of Enodo. By using our applications, you agree to the conditions outlined below.

Application Use

Users are required to use the applications "normally" and refrain from automating tasks that could harm Enodo, such as crashing servers.


Users must be of legal age to use our applications.

User Responsibilities

The user is responsible for the proper use of the applications and protecting their login information.

Intellectual Property

When creating or publishing content, users must ensure they have all necessary rights.

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property rights related to our applications are protected in accordance with applicable laws.

Third-Party Services

We interact with third-party services, such as Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager.
For more information on these interactions, please refer to the privacy policies of these third parties.


To terminate the use of your account, please contact Enodo by email at contact@eno.do.